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 What happens in the Hypno-band Sessions?

Hypno-Band Sessions

Outline of what happens during each session of the Hypno-Band weight Loss system

The Hypno-Band weight loss system has been shown to be incredibly effective at helping people who have failed to get ordinary weight loss systems and diets to work for them. HOWEVER, Hypno-Band Treatment is NOT a miracle cure, the people who succeed using this system are those who are DETERMINED to lose the weight and recognise that they MUST take responsibility. Your Hypno-Band weight loss treatment sessions will address many facets of your eating habits and together, we will help you to make PERMANENT changes to those habits so that you can finally achieve that slim body you’ve always dreamed of!

Initial Consultation

The Initial consultation is all about us understanding your current situation, your current weight, your target weight, what your emotional “triggers” are and how you respond to those triggers We will be looking at your current and prior medical conditions to ensure that we take full account of these within the programme. By the time we have gone through this detailed intake Session you will already be thinking differently about the WAY that you eat and your relationship with food!

Treatment Session one - “Changing Habits” Session ONE really gets into the details of your “habitual eating” (This is the snacking that you do without really THINKING about it). Together we will formulate some “sensible” alternative reactions to your emotional triggers and you will experience your first wonderfully relaxing Hypnosis Session during which we will give you some post-hypnotic suggestions for your new responses to snacking! You will be visualising yourself at your target weight using your “Slimming Mirror” and you will also begin to feel your stomach beginning to shrink down in size!! During the next week you can expect to feel quite different about your food and about your own personal control over food which is reinforced by CD one which we provide at this point.

Treatment Session Two - “Preparation For Surgery”

Session TWO is held roughly one week after session ONE We will measure your progress to date, weigh you, examine your Daily Food Diaries and thought processes that you will have recorded, show you an animated version of how a Real Gastric Band is fitted under Surgical conditions, and prepare you for the Surgical Session at treatment session THREE You will have another session of Hypnosis in which you will decide who both your Surgeon and Anaesthetist are going to be when you have your virtual gastric band fitted!

Treatment Session Three - “Surgery Session”

Session THREE is held approximately one week after session TWO Again, we measure your progress so far (by now you can reasonably expect to have lost about 6-7 lbs. (Research on Hypno-Band clients shows a National average weight loss of 3 lbs per week.) Once again we will examine how much your thinking has changed. Thinking and behaving differently to food is now starting to become your NEW HABIT and before long your new relationship with food will be “automatic”.

Its now time for your Surgery Hypnosis - Whilst under Hypnosis you will hear the sounds of the Hospital as well as the Surgery Team as they perform your Keyhole surgery to fit your Gastric Band and adjustment port. Many people report being able to “feel” their stomach getting smaller and tighter during this session! Your work-pack contains your Post Operative Diet sheets which tell you, in detail, the way to adapt your eating to your new Virtual Gastric Band.

Treatment Session Four - “Band Adjustment”

Session FOUR is held at least TWO weeks after the Surgery Treatment Session so that you have a chance to become used to your new “habitual eating style”. At this stage you should have lost quite a significant amount of weight and your clothes should be getting looser! Based on your experience of the last few weeks you may opt to either have your Virtual Gastric Band tightened or possible loosened if you are losing weight too quickly. This is the last time you will see us for your HypnoBand Treatment Sessions, but we hope that you decide to keep in touch with us and let us know when you achieve your Target Weight.

What Is The Cost Of Treatment?

Prices for Your Hypno-Band Weight Loss Treatment in Dunfermline

The full four session Hypno-Band Weight Loss System is extremely well priced, certainly when compared to the costs of Surgery.

Please call me to discuss the price and current availability.

Currently, the cost is £495, but up to the end of September there is a special price of £250.

What do People say about HypnoBand at Power2Change?

Testimonials from clients of Hypno-Band Dunfermline

    Hi David

    Been ages since I last emailed you re my progress, so here it is.

    Although I’m not weighing myself, I did and think I’ve lost around 2 stone to date and down 3 dress sizes, you will be impressed to know!  Things still going well and even been on holiday - which I enjoyed and kind of ate etc what I liked but right back into it when I got home.

 Feeling great, more energy and a few comments from people noticing now. My brother sprung his wedding upon us and I’m going in a dress, can’t remember the last time I wore a dress but, I’m more confident too.

It feels effortless and it’s all melting away, slowly, which is great! Well, there’s your update. Hope you are well.


Dear Mr Taylor,

Just to let you know, I have reached my target of 2 stone 2 pounds lost in 12 weeks and I feel great. Although I said I wasn’t to get down to 10 stone, I’m going to carry on, until I can stand on the scales and its 9 stone something. It sounds better when asked my weight doesn’t it.

Thanks again.


Dear Mr Taylor,

On speaking to you last night, you asked how my weight loss was succeeding. My first meeting with you was on 30 August I lost 7 pounds the first two weeks I missed a week and saw you again on 29 September by which time I had lost one stone 1 pound I have no lost one stone 9 pounds.

My weight when I started was 12 stone 2 pounds and DM 10 stones.

This is the best thing I have ever done money well spent, I have spent more than that and slimming clubs, just for it all to go back on quickly. This is not a diet, I never felt hungry, also I been able to stop half my pain medication that I’d been on for years. I feel so good, I sometimes play the CDs twice a day and find that they help my pain.

I cant thank you enough.

From one very happy pensioner.