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My name is David Taylor and I set up Power2Change over 20 years ago. Having trained as a hypnotherapist, master practitioner of NLP and stress management counsellor I became fascinated and how easy it can be for most people to change their behaviours and achieve their desired results. I found myself constantly saying to clients "you have the power to change". Clients began to mention that this was a powerful statement that I decided to use it as a name for my practice. Power2Change was born,


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At Power2Change we offer an extensive range of assistance, utilising Hypnotherapy, NLP, stress management and CBT. Please feel free to give me a call if you have questions that you cannot find answers to on this website.

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After many years in practice, I became aware that there was very little quality training available in Scotland. Although my own training commenced in Scotland the higher quality training that I received was mainly from American trainers or on London based courses.

I decided then to produce my own training courses encompassing all the skills and methods gained from my multitude of training courses. My training courses have been validated independently.And I believe them to be of the highest standard available locally. Training can be in small groups or even one to one training. Click the button on the left for more information.

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At last it looks as if we may have a summer, with temperatures already breaking records in most of the country. This is a time to start looking at your plans to make the most of this holiday period.

Firstly, the number of people who suffer from a fear or phobia of flying. This causes many to avoid the opportunity of going abroad for a holiday or alternatively just creates massive discomfort on the lead up to your holiday during the holiday when thinking of the return journey. We are not born with this fear or phobia, one way or another we learn the process. The good new, however, is that we don't have to live with it. Using a combination of hypnotherapy and the NLP fast phobia cure this can normally be resolved in only one or two sessions allowing you to get the full enjoyment fof your holiday.

The other area that causes anxiety is the desire to lose weight before going on holiday. It is perfectly natural that we all want to look our best lying on a beach on a sunny day. We just come out of winter where it is natural that we put on a few extra pounds to help us cope with the cold  weather. Now is the time to start the preparation to allow us to look your best when on holiday. At Power2Change we have a number of options to assist you in achieving the weight loss you require including HypnoBand, the virtual gastric band weight loss program. You will find more information about this on this website. We are also offering a discount for a limited period.So why not consider it now and take advantage of the best deal we can offer.

At Power2Change we hope you'll have a wonderful summer and are happy to help in any way that we can including help with stopping smoking, improving confidence, fears and much much more.

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